TOROMBÖLO is an international restaurant with Italian-Argentine roots. Surrounded by a nautical environment, where you can enjoy the best dishes of around the world with the climate of Spain.


Torombolo was born in 2015 under the creative vision of Alejandro and Emmanuel, two Argentinian friends who, with effort and dedication, were able to fulfil the dream of creating their own Restaurant, interlacing their origins with the culture of Spain, a country that has opened its arms to them for more than 10 years.
It is thus that from a dream an idea was born, from an idea was formed a project and from a project we made TOROMBLO, a restaurant of international cuisine, with a young and enterprising spirit, where our main value is you.


Our dishes are made with high quality and seasonal products to ensure excellence in every meal. We have a wide gastronomic variety that takes us on a trip around the world, showing us its most delicious delicacies. Let yourself be seduced by our cuisine and enjoy an unforgettable experience.